Weightlessness Simulator


This simulator is composed of a launching pad, imaging rack, and electromagnets. Using this simulator and its four designed experiments, the concept of the weightlessness conditions are simulated for the students. Achievement Creators Profile Description Profile Description Profile Description

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Vacuum Chamber Simulator


Vacuum and Its Formation Vacuum is called to a space which is free of matter. In such a condition, air molecules which cause pressure are also available. This is an ideal definition of vacuum. Absolute zero pressure is defined in this space. In practice, achievement of such an environment is impossible because there are always some gas molecules; however, achievement of very low pressures is possible. Today, vacuum systems are manufactured that can generate environments capable of very low molecular separation per unit volume. Pressures lower than the pressure of air atmosphere are called vacuum. The word Vacuum is derived [...]

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Magnetic Field Simulator


In order to test the identification of magnetic two poles of the production magnet torquers and also their interaction with magnetic field there was a need for satellite orbit, so that by the use of two dimensional Helmholtz rings, the magnetic field of the orbit could be simulated in a coordinate system attached to the orbit's page in two dimensions For this aim, the simulator system of satellite orbit magnetic environment called "KOSAR 100" was built in Space Research Laboratory and it could simulate magnetic field in a wider confine more carefully. This simulator is used to simulate a magnetic [...]

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The Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem Hardware In the Loop (ADCS HIL)


In order to simulate the functional environment of a space system and to assess the function of control/stability subsystem, SpaceRL has begun designing and making the Hardware In the Loop (HIL) for attitude simulator. This system is a stand with three degrees of freedom which can simulate the attitude of a space system and its elements like the way it actually happens in orbit. This simulator can be used to test the attitude actuators such as reaction wheels and thrusters. Appropriate properties of this simulator have made possible the sending of control commands and the receiving of its reaction in [...]

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