At SpaceRL, we believe that mutual collaboration is the key to successful training. Our goal is aligned with your passion in life to ensure that the most efficient training and practical methods are established and implemented in order for you to gain the maximum benefits from studying your courses. Our expert trainers deliver the necessary training to meet your project requirements and your organizational goals.
SpaceRL offers a variety of educational and training formats, including eLearning, classroom hands-on training, post-installation training onsite and consultative education provided by specialists.

Dr. Mehran Mirshams

Educational degree: PhD

Field of Specialty: Space Systems Engineering

Time Period: 2005-Present

Personal perspective: Every moment of working and researching in SRL for me is reminiscent. So many young specialists and students have been working in this lab, and we see results today from their sincere hardworking through the last 15 years. Nowadays, these young students are still working with more motivation and energy to shape their future and the future of the whole of humankind as better as possible.

Dr. Hamed Alisadeghi
SRL board member and Head of the student team’s activities

Educational degree: PhD
Field of Specialty: Satellite Thermal Control, System Design
Time Period:

Personal perspective: 

Dr. Mahdi Jafari Nadoushan
SRL board member and lead of deep space research activities

Educational degree: PhD
Field of Specialty: Asteroid Engineering, Celestial Mechanics, Nonlinear Dynamics & Chaos
Time Period:

Personal perspective: If you are looking for a place for hands-on learning in a practical space, congratulations! You have found it! This lab provides an opportunity to practice the art of space engineering. Here, you can develop your ideas as a team and get closer to your dreams.

Dr. Morteza Tayefi
SRL board member and lead of determination and control modeling and simulation

Educational degree: PhD
Field of Specialty: Dynamics and Control
Time Period:

Personal perspective:

Services available: Software development and testing for attitude determination and control system using mathematical, HIL and SIL simulations. Design and implementation of attitude determination and control system for various sizes of satellite missions.

Niki Sajjad
Head of Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation Section

Educational degree: MSc in Space Engineering, PhD candidate
Field of Specialty: Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem (ADCS)
Time Period: 2017- Present

Personal perspective: Becoming a member of SRL truly changed everything for me. It opened hundreds of doors ahead of me toward fantastic opportunities and paved my way to find the right direction to enter the space sector. Since joining SRL, I’ve been living the dream I had for many years to control the spacecraft! I don’t take it for granted.

Morteza Abbasi
Executive Manager

Educational degree: M.Sc. Space Engineering

Field of Specialty: System Engineering, ADCS, CubeSat

Time Period: 2019- Present

Personal perspective: SRL is a place that all the member could reach their dreams, implement their idea and improve their educational and career direction in the right way. Becoming an SRL team member has been influenced by my educational field and my personal life, etc. Here we are not just colleagues; we are a family that all the members help each other and work together to catch the goals.

Alireza Vafa
Experience expert and head of the cosmology group

Educational degree: MSc in Space Engineering, PhD candidate
Field of Specialty: Astronomy, System Engineering, Innovation management
Time Period: 2005- Present

Personal perspective: The space research laboratory of KNTU University is the first place where I grasped the professional experiences in my always beloved field of study, space explorations. Beside the tools and place, the soul of a great master, Dr. Mirshams, and young students and researchers brings a unique atmosphere to work and study in space topics

Elnaz Shojaeizad
Website administrator

Educational degree: Master of Science
Field of Specialty: Computer Networks
Time Period: 2010-Present

Personal perspective: 


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