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The space science and industry has seen a phenomenal surge globally as we move towards a more technologically advanced day and age, where the final frontier of mankind can be stretched beyond imagination. The new generation seeks the thrill of pushing the boundaries of science as well as technology. Space Research Laboratory (SRL) trays to be a perfect environment to nurture these scientific curiosities. SRL was established in 2006 in Aerospace Engineering Faculty of K. N. Toosi University of Technology so that the research and educational needs in this distinguished field could be fulfilled.
Nowadays SRL is one of the lead research centers of the university engaged in the Space System Engineering specialty. The lab has been successful in developing new educational ideas and in research, design and development of products in the field of space technology.


Our lab is devoted to the epitome of excellence in teaching, learning and researching extensively in order to provide answers and solutions across many scientific disciplines which will eventually make a global difference


  1. Targeted educational and research activities with an approach of meeting the current and future space sustainability and space exploration needs;
  2. Improving the educational quality of students studying in the field of space engineering;
  3. Development and enhancement of space culture among different classes of community, especially the next generation.
  1. Design and conducting specific educational/interactive training programs in the field of Space science and technology from elementary to advanced;
  2. Space Systems simulation and simulators;
  3. Space debris and debris removal technics;
  4. Space Exploration, Moon and Mars expeditions and Space Mining;
  5. Earth defense.
  1. Professional consultation;
  2. Conducting training workshops and educational courses;
  3. CubeSats design and development;
  4. CubeSats simulators design and development;
  5. Space Laboratories design and facilitating;
  6. Exchange academic staff, young professionals and students;
  7. Not in person research collaborations.

Having organized a network consisting of young and capable specialists in terms of operational teams and groups residing at Tehran branch as well as representation branches of the cities, SRL has succeeded to form a dynamic structure with a high scientific and specialized potential and considerable output. In addition to these scientific cores, the SRL also enjoys active support of knowledge-based and technology production companies outside the university as well as research centers inside the university. This organizational structure has allowed conducting a broad range of scientific and research activities with the highest quality standard.

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Space Research Laboratory, Aerospace Engineering Faculty, K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Daneshgah Blvd., Ehsan Exit, East Zeynoddin Highway, Tehran, Iran

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