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Vacuum and Its Formation

Vacuum is called to a space which is free of matter. In such a condition, air molecules which cause pressure are also available. This is an ideal definition of vacuum. Absolute zero pressure is defined in this space. In practice, achievement of such an environment is impossible because there are always some gas molecules; however, achievement of very low pressures is possible. Today, vacuum systems are manufactured that can generate environments capable of very low molecular separation per unit volume. Pressures lower than the pressure of air atmosphere are called vacuum. The word Vacuum is derived from the Latin word Empty. So, the pressure between atmosphere pressure and absolute zero may be considered as the domain of vacuum systems.

This simulator is composed of a vacuum chamber, a motor suckers and some valves. Five different experiment recipes have been developed for this device; using such experiments, the concepts of vacuum and the quality of its effect on the physical phenomena may be taught to students. The lack of pressure and a material environment, the quality of sound and light transfer in vacuum, and transfer of electric current in vacuum are of such cases .

What is Vacuum Chamber?

A chamber which is free of any physical object even air is called a vacuum chamber. According to the scientists, this is impossible because despite making much effort to provide a vacuumed space, still a gas molecule or a very fine dust particle will be found in that. Therefore, although a complete vacuum is not possible, its physical concept includes a space free of any dust or any other physical and thin particle.

What is SRL-VC100 Vacuum?

In the space, the environment out of earth aerospace, the first and one of the most important problems for spacecrafts and astronomers is to face with vacuum. Therefore, this phenomenon should be understood correctly. Considering its mission towards development of space culture among the adolescents and youth, Space Research Laboratory of Khajeh Nasireddin Tousi University of Technology decided to provide the interested students with the main and applicable concepts of this environment by designing and manufacturing vacuum environment simulation equipments in the form of SRL-VC100 vacuum chamber. SRL-VC100 vacuum chamber has been designed and manufactured by a group of space experts of the country. This machine which is specially prepared for training and working in the schools will be able to make the students familiar with the effect of this environment on current physical concepts by simulating and providing vacuum conditions.

SRL-VC100 Vacuum Chamber

What Is the Use of SRL-VC100 Vacuum Chamber?

In order to purposefully work with vacuum chamber, 5 interesting tests have been designed for students based on their knowledge at each educational degree. Each of these tests shows an effect of vacuum environment on physical processes and encourage the students’ knowledge to analyze the causes and its formation procedure. These tests are specifically designed in space research Laboratory to transfer the relevant concepts of the interaction of vacuum space with the main concepts of physics such as volume, temperature, pressure, light, and sound and are implemented in the form of practical experiment for adolescents and youth. These tests include the followings: 1. Vacuum and pressure test; 2. Vacuum and temperature test; 3. Vacuum, sound and light test; 4. Vacuum and wind test; 5. Vacuum and electricity test.

For more information on the training course of working with SRL-VC100 vacuum chamber and its preparation procedure, please contact us through the following address.

Specifications of SRL-VC100 Vacuum Chamber

SRL-VC100 vacuum chamber is constituted of two main parts including the trunk and vacuum pump and tests equipments as follows: (tables 1, 2, and 3)

Table 1. Trunk
Row Part Name Specifications
1 Glass Chamber Ф=28cm
2 Support Ф=36cm , h=105mm
3 Protective Cap Ф=38cm
4 Pressure Sensor Maximum 1bar
Table 2. Vacuum Pump
FY-3B Model
8 Free Air Diaplacement (CFM)
10 Ultimate Vacuum (Pa)
3/4 Motor (HP)
220V/50Hz Electrical Supply
385x140x280 Dimension LxWxH (mm.)
20.5 Net Weight (kg.)
Table 3. Tests Equipmemnts
Row Part Name
1 Radio and MP3 Player
2 15000 V Transformer
3 Fan and Flag
4 Heater
5 Digital Thermometer
6 Water Chamber
7 Connection Connectors and Communication Wires

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