Satellite’s ADCS HIL Simulation Package

///Satellite’s ADCS HIL Simulation Package

In order to simulate the functional environment of a space system and to assess the function of control/stability subsystem, SpaceRL has begun designing and making the Hardware In the Loop (HIL) for attitude simulator. This system is a stand with three degrees of freedom which can simulate the attitude of a space system and its elements like the way it actually happens in orbit. This simulator can be used to test the attitude actuators such as reaction wheels and thrusters. Appropriate properties of this simulator have made possible the sending of control commands and the receiving of its reaction in wireless mode. This simulator can be used for testing hardware in the loop. All the stages of designing and making such subsystems are completed by the technical team of SpaceRL at K. N. Toosi University. Up to now, two samples called “Hagh100” and “Hojat100” are made and implemented at SpaceRL.

The different models of this simulator had different component but the latest one has reaction wheels, thrusters in three axis also has sensors like sun sensor, IMU and etc.

The ACS Test Facility includes:

  • air bearing table with a platform allowing free 360° rotation around the vertical axis and between 20° and 30° around the horizontal axes
  • high precision in-orbit earth magnetic field simulation
  • adjustable and movable sun simulation
  • WLAN command line
  • safety mechanisms for save operation and satellite mounting
  • power supply and distribution for the test object

Examining Attitude determination and control algorithms and test their function in a near real environment is the main capability of this project

Component Specifications
Reaction wheel Angular Momentum at Nominal Speed 68 Nms
Operational Speed Range 60000 rpm

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