Tabletop Micro Air-bearing

///Tabletop Micro Air-bearing


To simulate the conditions of the space environment at ground the SRL was developed a tabletop Micro testbed.
The Tabletop Testbed provide near-frictionless motion environment with 360-degree rotation about one axis (yaw rotation) about 35-degree around two other axis (Roll and Pitch).
Tabletop Micro Air-Bearing has 2 main parts:
1. Platform with balancing mechanism
2. The hemispherical Air bearing with its support


The platform must be tall enough to place test equipments in the middle of it and provides a stable base.
In order to create a balancing platform a 30 cm diameter circle was     utilized. One again it made of a non-ferrous material. In order to remove weight, material was removed from the circular plate. The balancing masses made of Brass. The platform is portable at approximately 1700 g so it could be easily moved by one person.

The bearing and load are supported by input compressed air. The compressed air creates a thin film of air. The hemispherical bearing supports at most 15 kg in a maximum operating pressure of 3 bar.
The bearing has a low moment of inertia, and provides a range of motion: ±360˚. The air bearing and balancing platform made of a non-ferrous material so it does not interfere with the magnetic field.

Technical Index

Carrying Capacity 15kg
Rotation Range XY axis:±35° Z axis:360°
Friction Moment ≤0.005Nm
Bearing noise Un-measurably small
Sensitivity to temperature changes Operates over wide range of temperatures
Size Height 32cm
Platform Diameter Version A 20cm; Version B 30cm; Version C 40cm
Weight ≤6.5kg
Life ≥5 years

System Composition

Component Amount
Platform + Balancing device 1
Air bearing with its support 1

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