The interdisciplinary field of Astronomy and Space science (IAS) Group

//The interdisciplinary field of Astronomy and Space science (IAS) Group


Two main fields of study that lead to space explorations are Space engineering and Astronomy science. Space engineers build special tools like spacecraft to explore the solar system or a space observatory to unveil mysteries of the cosmos. On the other hand, the environment in which satellites work is within the solar system, where the physics of astronomical objects is present.
According to this strong interconnection between Astronomy and Space sciences, in 2019, we established an Interdisciplinary field of study of Astronomy and Space science (IAS) group in the SRL laboratory mainly for the following goals;
1- Definition of different topics of study between Astronomy and space engineering for students and researchers
2- Exploring the space environment for design and analysis of space engineers needs
3- Outreach programs and activities with standards of the academy


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