Spacecraft Design 1

//Spacecraft Design 1

“Spacecraft Design 1” is one of the main courses for master’s students . The students of this course (Maryam – Niloufar – Arshia – Reza – Moein) managed to finish the practical project of the spacecraft system design 1 course on wednesday May 29, 2024.

The output of this project included 2 cubesats (one for each group) that successfully passed the control test steps.

During this project, students were able to learn about the function of the parts used in cubesat by doing a series of activities. Also learn how to put them together to reach the desired cubesat. Finally, by programming the Arduino, apply the controller to the system and check and analyze the gyroscope outputs to evaluate the performance of the controller.

Prof : Dr . Mehran Mirshams
TA : Ali Moradi


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