Paper-Straw Rocket

//Paper-Straw Rocket

Specific limitations due to Covid-19 Pandemic leads us to conduct series of knowledge based and fun activities for students in Space Research Laboratory.
Our outreach branch is a cooperation with Mahani observatory and Astronomy complex in Tehran, so we decided to execute the project at this center.
Our first proposed activity is “Paper-Straw Rocket”. It is a simple made, paper rocket that can be launched from a soda straw and possibilities to modify the design by students to make the rocket fly farther!
We received the main documents from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
In this regard, we prepared a Persian language version of the activity with reconstructed diagrams and tables. For the first move, on the second week of April, we targeted Mahdavi School students and this student manual and guidelines announced to all targeted students via deputy education of primary and secondary school degrees.
All interactions in different phases of this project define internet based for the sake of health.
On Mahani observatory website, a dedicate section devoted for the project with guide lines, manuals and contact information (here).


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