First Space Research Lab. Online Workshop

//First Space Research Lab. Online Workshop

First Space Research Lab. Online Workshop on

Planetary Explorations: Spacecrafts and Space Geodesy

August-September 2021

Recent achievements of Space Exploration and space technologies and development process has made Planetary Explorations more and more important and indispensable tools for space development. Planetary Explorations enable humanity to see the WORLD in a different way and realize innovative and challenging missions, including exoplanets monitoring, deep space explorations, education, entertainment or even more individualistic usage as well as involvement of more diverse players in space projects and applications. Actually, many small business enterprises that are appearing recently resulted from Planetary Explorations projects. During the last decade, over 20 interplanetary spacecrafts were launched into various orbits using a variety of launch vehicles, and it is predicted that this trend will get even stronger in the near future.

The Online Workshop on “Planetary Explorations: Spacecrafts and Space Geodesy” is part of the “Future Generation Development Program” which has been organized by the Space Research Laboratory (SRL) at Faculty of Aerospace Engineering – K. N. Toosi University of Technology in Tehran/Iran since several years ago.

In this online workshop, we will discuss the scientific instruments and techniques that are used in space missions to study the planets, moons, asteroids and comets beyond Earth orbit. The main focus would be on the so-called “Planetary Geodesy” that is to determine the gravity field, topography, planetary interior and planetary dynamical properties. However, we plan to briefly discuss the interplanetary mission design and the search of life in outer space.

We sincerely hope that engineers, scientists, students, users, strategists, and decision makers from Iran and international community will participate in the workshop and discuss together the challenges and the innovative solutions to further develop the space exploration program in Iran and to strengthen its links with the international community. Therefore, we invite everyone in this field to join us in this event.


The following list of topics for Planetary Exploration is of relevance to this workshop:

  1. Planetary dynamics from spacecraft observations
  2. Planetary surface geology from spacecraft observations
  3. Planetary gravimetry
  4. Interplanetary mission design, instrumentations and scientific goals
  5. Space missions and the search for extraterrestrial life

Target group

Bachelor/Master/PhD students in Aerospace Engineering, Physics, Astronomy and space geodesy + People who are interested in amateur Astronomy and space missions in general


Contact Info

Space Research Laboratory, Aerospace Engineering Faculty, K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Daneshgah Blvd., Ehsan Exit, East Zeynoddin Highway, Tehran, Iran

Phone: +98 21 77334133

Fax: +98 21 73064234

Web: Spacerl

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