Thesis (Ph. D.)


Ph. D. Thesis Author Introduction: First name: Mohammad Last name: Zarourati Entrance year: 2019 Defense date: 2024/Jan/17 Email address: Title: Attitude Control of a Remote Sensing Satellite in Underactuated Conditions Abstract: Underactuation poses a significant challenge to space mission control and performance. This dissertation investigates the non-linear attitude tracking control problem for a remote sensing satellite underactuated by a reaction wheel (RW) actuator fault. First, the fault detection and diagnosis strategy is based on the sliding mode and adaptive sliding mode observers in a finite-time decision window. The failed actuator is excluded from the control [...]

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Title: Attitude path design and adaptive robust tracking control of a remote sensing satellite in various imaging modes Journal: Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part G: Journal of Aerospace Engineering Authors: Mohammad Zarourati, Mehran Mirshams, Morteza Tayefi Available online: January 2, 2023. DOI Title: FADSat: A system engineering tool for the conceptual design of geostationary Earth orbit satellites platform Journal: Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part G: Journal of Aerospace Engineering Authors: Mehran Mirshams, Ehsan Zabihian Available online: May 3, 2018. DOI Title: Mass properties identification and automatic mass balancing system [...]

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Thesis (M. Sc.)


M. Sc. Thesis Author Introduction:First name: SabaLast name: AmjadianEntrance year: 2020Defense date: 2023/Sep/20Email address: Title: Designing the trajectory of the exploratory mission to the moonAbstract:In this research, past information and discoveries have been reviewed and it has been shown that a number of facts about the moon and its formation mechanism have been ignored. This research shows that the moon is a suitable platform for testing new technologies in the field of planetary exploration. Also, in this thesis, we examine the most important probes sent to the moon. The main goal in this research is to find [...]

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