Thesis (Ph. D.)


Ph. D. Thesis Author Introduction: First name: Ehsan Last name: Zabihian Entrance year: 2012 Defense date: 2018/Apr/28 Email address:, Title: New Algorithm for GEO Communication Satellite Conceptual Design Abstract: This thesis describes a new methodlogy design approach for GEO geostationary communication satellite. This method has been developed to reduce the prohibitive cost and time of their conceptual design phase. The proposed method effectively conducts the design of GEO communication satellite lying in the range of 1–7 thousand kilograms. The main feature of the new methodlogy is to determine the design information of the conceptual [...]

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Title: FADSat: A system engineering tool for the conceptual design of geostationary Earth orbit satellites platform Journal: Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part G: Journal of Aerospace Engineering Author: Mehran Mirshams, Ehsan Zabihian Available online: May 3, 2018. DOI Title: Mass properties identification and automatic mass balancing system for satellite attitude dynamics simulator Journal: Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part G: Journal of Aerospace Engineering Author: Ghasem Sharifi, Mehran Mirshams, Hamed Shahmohamadi Ousaloo Available online: December 17, 2017. DOI Title: Attitude control of an underactuated spacecraft using quaternion feedback regulator and tube-based [...]

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Thesis (M. Sc.)


M. Sc. Thesis Author Introduction: First name: Mahdi Last name: Rivandi Entrance year: 2019 Defense date: 2022/Sep/22 Email address: mahdi.rivandi(at) Title: Upgrade balance system for CubeSat attitude simulator based on the air bearing platform Abstract: In order to test the attitude control of a satellite, it is necessary to have attitude control simulator, and this simulator must also be placed in the condition of balance, including weight. This thesis was carried out in the form of simulation and implementation, to simulate the deviations caused by the difference between the center of mass and the center of [...]

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