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System Engineering Group

Although today there are various subjects in ‘meaning to manufacturing’ process of the products, the system approach plays a very important role. System engineering approach for answering the problem causes visibility of interactions and relations among different parts of the problem. Thus, such a framework, by identifying higher level needs of the system, can answer questions such as: “how can we make sure that all dimensions of the problem especially events and critical situations are completely taken into consideration? ” OR ” What is the best choice among several different solutions for designing the whole system or a special subsystem?”

The ability answer the above mentioned questions compromises the meaning of system engineering. In the process of system engineering a relationship is made between work groups, subjects, and different subsystems in an appropriate way and in software format. Engineering system part makes it possible for the designers to consider and understand all dimensions of the problem. Consequently, a clear understanding of the conditions, probable solutions and effects of the problem is made for the designers. Thus System Engineering Department at Space Research Laboratory aims to offer a regular, comprehensive,multipurpose way which is based on repetitive processes for identifying and answering the needs of the user.

Considering organizational structure of the system, System Engineering Department is the summit of organizational pyramid in Space Research Laboratory and the interaction of different parts takes place through System Engineering Department. Because all information exchanges are checked with system models when passing through System Engineering Department, the number of the problems made because of subsystem interactions reduces to the minimum. System Engineering Department at Space Research Laboratory has also made great advancements in producing design software and system analysis. Among such advancements the following items can be mentioned as examples: the software for conceptual designing of space vehicle (LVCD), the software for the loading and designing of space vehicle structure, the software for systematic designing of small satellites, the software for the assessment and leveling of distance evaluation satellite (SSET), the software for analyzing the orbits of GEO and LEO satellites and the software for analyzing launching site of the satellite.

Programming, editing, and holding educational courses at different levels is another task of System Engineering Department at Space Research Laboratory. Such courses are held with the aim of empowering special capabilities of employed experts, university students, school students and also for promoting space culture in different groups of society.




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