APSCO Strategic Plan (2021-2030) Meeting

//APSCO Strategic Plan (2021-2030) Meeting

APSCO Secretariat is organizing the Development Plan Committee Meeting, during 5-9 July 2021, via teleconference to discuss and brainstorm about mechanism for improving the implementation of cooperative projects listed in the APSCO Strategic Plan (2021-2030). Objectives of the Meeting:
There are 4 specific objectives of this meeting, i.e.,
1) To review the detailed proposals of projects listed in the current 10-Year Strategic Plan and select some appropriate projects to be included in the 5-Year Implementation Plan duly defining the budget and timeframe;
2) To review new project proposals from Member States, if any, especially those have potential to become flagship projects of APSCO;
3) To formulate the draft 5-Year Project Implementation Plan (2021-2025) based on the outcomes of the above objectives;

Dr Mehran Mirshams gave presentation on detailed SRL project proposal. The SRL project “Cube-Sat’s hands- on Training Package” Has been listed in the 10-Year strategic plan of APSCO.



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