A Thesis Defense Session for MSc/Katayoon Kankia

//A Thesis Defense Session for MSc/Katayoon Kankia

Title: Feasibility of using supercapacitor in the design of cubesat electric power subsystem

By Katayoon Kankia
Supervisor: Dr. Mehran Mirshams
Chairmen: Dr. Ehsan Zabihian Dr. Mahdi Jafari Nadoushan (K. N. Toosi University of Technology)
September 20, 2023

Nowadays, given the appropriate performance of small satellites, there is a need to increase the storage capacity of electric power in the design and construction of these satellites by our beloved country, Iran, as payloads become more complex. This research focuses on designing and implementing a subsystem for electric power for a 1U CubeSat using supercapacitors in the energy storage section. To do so, first, statistical analysis of existing satellites and the European space standard for power subsystems will be examined, and based on this, the principles of designing and constructing the hybrid energy storage section, which includes both batteries and supercapacitors, will be explained.
The criteria for designing and selecting suitable supercapacitors as well as various circuits for use in the satellite’s electric power subsystem are based on statistical studies and analyses performed to meet the peak power demand of power-hungry equipment. The effort is to increase the advantages of this subsystem and reduce its disadvantages. The main advantages of this research are reducing the volume and charging time of the power subsystem and achieving high-power peaks.
In general, the new technology of supercapacitors increases the reliability of the satellite’s performance. Additionally, by increasing the capacity of the energy storage section, the number of solar panels and batteries reduces, affecting
the overall mass budget of the satellite.


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