Toosi Constellation Team Smart Maritime Satellite Communications Network by Constellation

//Toosi Constellation Team Smart Maritime Satellite Communications Network by Constellation

Project Overview

The plan to create a smart maritime telecommunication network in the Middle East region using the satellite constellation is presented by the Toosi Constellation team to participate in the competition-based event “Satellite Constellation Design Challenge”.

Satellite Constellation event was held by the Kayhan Space Innovation Center and with the cooperation of the iranian space agency  in September 2019 with the aim of a conceptual design of satellite constellations in the fields of remote sensing and earth monitoring, telecommunication networks, communication and the Internet and navigation network.

This satellite constellation includes 60 CubeSats in LEO at an altitude of 550 km and it uses the Nasir 1 CubeSats platform.


The team of Toosi Constellation, consist of 8 students of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. The team carried out the conceptual design of this project under the supervision of the Space Research Laboratory.


The mission of this satellite constellation is to establish communication between ships and the coastal station and to smarten the shipping fleet using IoT, and to monitor ship traffic using the AIS automatic identification system.

More Details

The constellation consists of 60 telecommunication CubeSats weighing 3.386 kg in the orbit of 550 km that follows the walker-delta pattern.

Payloads include telecommunication relay systems and IOT to communicate between ships and the coast station, AIS to locate ships and monitor the traffic, ISL to communicate between the satellites, and drag sails for satellite deorbiting.


– Development of IoT services and smartening of maritime
– Achieving a wide range of telecommunication coverage
– Instant and online coverage
– High reliability
– High security in communication and data transfer


the project was presented to Kayhan Space Innovation Center and Iran Space agency at the level of conceptual design and was ranked third among 15 participating teams from different universities in the country.

Researchers of the Toosi Constellation team, while negotiating with various companies and accelerators, seek to continue the project in the detail design phase and build this satellite constellation, which is now known as the key in the development of each country’s space industry.


Contact Info

Space Research Laboratory, Aerospace Engineering Faculty, K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Daneshgah Blvd., Ehsan Exit, East Zeynoddin Highway, Tehran, Iran

Phone: +98 21 77334133

Fax: +98 21 73064234

Web: Spacerl

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