Niki explores the world to look for space sustainability

//Niki explores the world to look for space sustainability

Niki recently had the opportunity to participate in three notable space events, which resulted in meaningful outcomes. Her journey began at the Space Resources Week and Summer Space Festival in Luxembourg, where she actively engaged in various activities. Notably, Niki attended the Space Sustainability workshop during the festival, where she gained valuable insights into the challenges and solutions related to long-term sustainability in space exploration. This experience fostered her understanding of responsible practices and further ignited her passion for promoting a sustainable future in space.

Continuing her journey, Niki traveled to Oslo to attend the Global Space Conference on Climate Change (GLOC 2023). It was at this conference that she had the opportunity to present a paper focused on increasing accessibility to space-based climate data to the public. This research was the result of her collaborative project with the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC). By sharing her findings, Niki aimed to contribute to the wider availability of vital climate data, ensuring that it reaches a broader audience and empowers collective action towards addressing environmental challenges.


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