Undergraduate Courses:
Orbital Mechanics
– Aerospace Vehicle Engineering Design
– Aerospace Vehicle Engineering Lab.

Graduate Courses:
– Launch Vehicle System Design
Spacecraft System Design
– Spacecrafts Environment


– Introduction –Download
– Dynamic of Point Masses –Download
– Newton’s Law of Gravitation –Download
– The N-Body Problem –Download
– The Two-Body Problem –Download
– Angular Momentum and The Orbit Formulas –Download
– The Energy Law –Download
– Circular Orbits –Download
– Elliptical Orbits –Download
– Parabolic Trajectories –Download

– Hyperbolic Trajectories –Download
– Orbital Position as a Function of Time –Download
– Geocentric Right Ascension Declination Frame –Download
– State Vector and Geocentric Equatorial Frame –Download
– Orbital Elements and The State Vector –Download
– Orbital Maneuvers –Download
– Non-Hohmann Transfers With a Common Apse Line –Download
– Apse Line Rotation –Download
– Plane Change Maneuvers –Download


– Spacecraft System Design –Download
– Principles of System Engineering in Space Systems –Download

– References –Download


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