The Summer Camp of the APSCO Student Small Satellite (SSS) Project

Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) has initiated the Student Small Satellite (SSS) project, which is aimed to train the students and faculties from Member States (MSs) of APSCO to study space technology and satellite engineering through practical design of satellites until the flight model is made, and meanwhile contribute to the development of space education systems in APSCO MSs. The ultimate goal of this project is not only to enable universities to undertake student satellite design and development, but also to impart space technologies through a satellite project as well as hands-on training. Therefore, one of the most important and special aspects of the project is training/education.

The SSS project involves designing, constructing and launching three student satellites, one micro-satellite named SSS-1 and two CubeSats named SSS-2A and SSS-2B. The SSS-1 is a 30kg micro-satellite with dimension of no more than 350mm × 350mm × 650 mm, and both the SSS-2A/2B are 4.0kg with 3U CubeSat structure design. The three satellites construct a constellation named as APSCO SSS system.

APSCO Student Small Satellite Project (SSS)
Fig1: APSCO Student Small Satellite Project (SSS)

The training/education of the SSS project contains short-term trainings and long-term trainings. It has planned to arrange 3 times of the short-team trainings that are Summer Camps of small satellite technologies in the 3 summers of year 2017, 2018 and 2019. From each member state of the APSCO, 4 students and one faculty member participates in summer camps.

The First Summer Camp of the APSCO SSS Project is arranged at Beihang University during 14th August to 2nd September, 2017 (Fig2). The main goal of the training courses was to making the trainee familiar with the basic technology of small satellite, and establish the foundation for the project development in the future.

Fig2: 1st APSCO Summer Camp

The Second Summer Camp of the APSCO SSS Project is arranged at Middle East Technical University during 30th July to 17th August, 2018, as a part of the training program of the SSS project (Fig3). This training concentrated mainly on the test and integration of satellites.

Lecturers from China and Iran was take part in the program. There were also a number of lecturers from METU (Middle East Technical University) and TUBİTAK-UZAY (Space Technologies and Research Institute of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey).

Fig3: 2nd APSCO Summer Camp

“ADCS Micro-simulator” HANDS-ON Training Workshop was held by doctor M. Mirshams on 13 and 14 August in the context of the second training camp project SSS APSCO (Fig4).

Fig4: Hands-On Training Workshop Micro-ADCS Simulator

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