SSS Project

SSS Project Constellation

  • Initialed: in the Third Council Meeting of APSCO in September 2010;

  • Approved: in the AOSCO council meeting as a basic activity in late 2015;

  • Kicked-off: Dec. 12-15, 2016 in Beijing;

  • Implementation: technical milestone meeting held, based on project schedule and implementation requirements;

  • Launch target: first half of 2020;

The SSS Constellation would have one micro-satellite (SSS-1, 30kg, 350mm * 350mm * 650mm) and two CubeSats (SSS-2A & SSS-2B, 3U, 4.0kg each), which are designed and are under manufacturing by university students from Member States under the guidance from space agency and cooperation with other Member States.

  • SSS-1: led by Beihang University in China;
    Iran and Pakistan teams support the development;
  • SSS-2A: led by Shanghai Jiaotong University in China;
    Pakistan team supports the development;
  • SSS-2B: led by TUBITAK-UZAY in Turkey;
    Thailand team supports the development.
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Project Activities

  • Technical Review Meeting

This project aims at space technology and satellite engineering education and training through the whole process from the practical design, manufacturing, testing, assembly, integration of satellites to the final flight model and contributes to space education system of APSCO Member States. During Satellites’ in-orbit operation, the Member States’ university resources, like ground station application, would be tasted and united together for sharing.

  • Summer Camp

Every year, APSCO invites four students and one faculty member from each Member State to join the summer camp activity. The core of the APSCO SSS Summer Camp is about the Education on space technology, especially satellite engineering. Therefore, it is very important that the participants receive hands-on training to gain knowledge, acquire experience, and develop skills on satellite engineering and the related areas.

  • First Summer Camp: was held August 14-September 2, 2017 in Beihang University, Beijing, China. The training covered over 13 topics and was given to nearly 40 students from Member States of APSCO.

  • Second Summer Camp: would be held July 23-August 10, 2018 in middle East Technology University, Ankara, Turkey. It would focus on unit/subsystem manufacturing and testing.

  • Third Summer Camp: would be held in 2019 in Shanghai, China, with cooperation from Shanghai Jiatong University. it would focus on satellite assembly, integration and testing segment.

  • Degree Eduaction

Two students from each Member States of APSCO joined the master Degree Program on micro-satellite technology at Beihang University for the year 2017 and 2018.

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