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Future generation development is one the priority areas for SRL. With the development of society and economy, space science and technology has an important role in our daily life, as mankind benefits from it and relys on it. cultivating younger generation's interest in space science and technology and developing potential future space leaders in the Iran, is envisaged in this regard, SRL has organized several prestigious activities and plans to continue with similar activities in the future as a continuous set of Science School as followings.

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M. Sc. Thesis Author Introduction: First name: Zahra Last name: Hoodan Entrance year: 2015 Defense date: 2018/Sep/12 Email address: z.hoodan12@email.kntu.ac.ir Title: Cubesat Lunar Mission Design Abstract: In this thesis, the idea of having a mission to Moon using a cubesat and the process of mission design according to the defined steps, is presented. This process starts with presenting the mission definition and describing the parts that forms a mission. The mission analysis consists of describing the lunar mission objectives and constraints and also the idea of using Iranian Launch Vehicle, considering the mass constraint of third [...]

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Long Term -Mechanics of Materials -Orbital mechanics -Computer Aided Design -Aerospace System Design -Launch Vehicle System Design -Satellite System Design -Finite Elements Methods -Space Environments Short Term--Developing Next Generation Space Talent Short Term--Workshops

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