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Engineering Model (EM) Test


SSS-1 EM tests have been provided from 2-27 Dec, 2019 in Beihang University, Beijing/China. Three experts team from Iran and experts team from Pakistan together with system team experts from Beihang conducted 3 tests. The results of the tests show that SSS-1 is ready to move in to the next step for preparing the flight model.

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Einstein Schools


Einstein Schools The IAU Einstein Schools project encourages an understanding of the role of gravity in modern astronomy through the exciting topics of gravity, gravity waves, space-time, and the detection of gravity waves emitted from compact objects such as black holes and neutron stars. The project also considers how gravity can bend star light and how this bending can be detected during a solar eclipse. On the largest scales, the bending of starlight from galaxies or clusters of galaxies can also lead to an understanding of dark matter. In the Einstein Schools project, schools around the world do activities about [...]

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School Generation Sessions


General Sessions in 2016-2017 1 Aeen-e Roshan 6 Dec., 2016 33 picture 2 Aeen-e Roshan 10 Dec., 2016 30 picture 3 Mesbah-e Elm 20 Dec., 2016 26 picture 4 Mesbah-e Elm 21 Dec., 2016 26 picture 5 Abd-e Saleh 26 Dec., 2016 20 picture 6 Aeen-e Roshan 31 Dec., 2016 34 picture 7 Abd-e Saleh 2 Jan., 2017 27 picture 8 Hazrat-e Zeinab 9 Jan., 2017 35 picture 9 Hazrat-e Zeinab 11 Jan., 2017 31 picture 10 Hazrat-e Zeinab 14 Jan., 2017 36 picture 11 Hazrat-e Zeinab 16 Jan., 2017 31 picture 12 Dr. Beheshti 19 Jan., 2017 [...]

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