Start Date: February/22/2016 End Date: March/22/2018 Title: Satellite Universal Platform “IRAN-BUS 70 Research, Design & Development" Abstract: The IB70 was the first Iranian universal bus that its weight with payload shouldn’t be more than 70 kg. In this project the SpaceRL was responsible to design ADCS, TCS, Power and Structure subsystems and the project was go further than Preliminary Design Review phase. Stakeholder: Iranian National Space Center Start Date:February/22/2016 End Date:March/22/2018 Title: Build and equipping the schools’ space laboratory Abstract: The first " schools’ Space Laboratory" with the support of the President's Vice [...]

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Future Generation Development Program


Future generation development is one the priority areas for SRL. With the development of society and economy, space science and technology has an important role in our daily life, as mankind benefits from it and relys on it. cultivating younger generation's interest in space science and technology and developing potential future space leaders in the Iran, is envisaged in this regard, SRL has organized several prestigious activities and plans to continue with similar activities in the future as a continuous set of Science School as followings. 1- Iranian National Museum of Science and Technology 2- School Space Lab. [...]

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Nasir CubeSat


Project OverviewThe Nasir-1 CubeSat is designed and developed by Space Research Lab (SRL) of K.N. Toosi University of Technology (KNTU) within a Student CubeSat contest which is organized by the Iranian Space Agency (ISA). Currently, this project lies in the phase of the Engineering Model (Phase C, as per the ECSS standards).Nasir-1 CubeSat team is composed of university staff, M.Sc. and B.Sc. students from faculties of Aerospace, Electrical, and Computer Engineering under supervision of SRL technical team.The Nasir-1 CubeSat project is initially defined based on the technical requirements of the ISA and on the missions of ADS-B and ISL (with Gamalink [...]

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SSS Project


SSS Project Constellation Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) has initiated the Student Small Satellite (SSS) project, which is aimed to train the students and faculties from Member States (MSs) of APSCO to study space technology and satellite engineering through practical design of satellites until the flight model is made, and meanwhile contribute to the development of space education systems in APSCO MSs. The ultimate goal of this project is not only to enable universities to undertake student satellite design and development, but also to impart space technologies through a satellite project as well as hands-on training. Therefore, one of [...]

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