Accomplished Activities

//Accomplished Activities

Title: Man-Launch From IRAN, Fisibility Study

Start Date: May/14/2008

End Date:

Title: Satellite Magnetic Torquer Production

Start Date: August/31/2008

End Date: September/01/2009

Title: First Iranian National Competition Fisibility Study on “Amature Satellite Design and Development”

Start Date: July/15/2008

End Date: February/03/2009

Title: ADCS Virtual Simulator

Start Date: May/26/2009

End Date: June/20/2010

Title: 3 Axis ADCS Simulator Design and Development

Start Date: October/03/2010

End Date: October/03/2011

Title: Reaction Wheels Design and Development

Start Date: February/28/2011

End Date: October/31/2011

Title: Satellite Universal Platform Fisibility Study

Start Date: April/06/2013

End Date: February/06/2014

Title: School Space Lab.

Start Date: May/12/2013

End Date: November/13/2013

Title: Vacum Chamber For Space Balancer System

Start Date: July/24/2013

End Date: September/24/2013

Title: ADCS Simulator Balancer System

Start Date: April/06/2014

End Date:February/06/2015

Title: Satellite Universal Platform “IRANBUS Research, Design & Development”

Start Date: February/22/2016

End Date: March/22/2018


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